• “We chose NZone as our security supplier down to the fact you won’t see a more attentive switched on security team. Having worked in the live industry for decades and watching cut price big security companies rise up muscle their way into the event space. I chose to contract on actual skills not on a sales pitch. You won’t see their security people cell phone in hand oblivious to their surroundings or wandering from their position. You get  world class top security for your crowds, your staff and yourself. I could have chosen any company – I chose Grant and his team and I’ve never looked back."

    Gavin Downie
    Gavin Downie Event Organiser & Production Manager - Auckland Council / Music in Parks
  • "Grant and his team have been looking after my events for Shipwrecked Music and Arts Festival the last two years since 2018. NZOne also looks after my warehouse event space since 2018 and I'm completely happy with there respect for staff and patrons. Their ability to keep a situation calm and cool is second to none. I value Grant and his team and would highly recommend any event or company needing a professional security team."

    Logan Baker
    Logan Baker Silent Studios Ltd
  • "My business employs NZone Enterprises Ltd and Grant because of the personal skills displayed from the top down. I witnessed Grant at a licenced premises years ago dealing with a very difficult patron, it was handled with minimal issue and solved amicably. The staff follow this ideal and have done so on all our events. That is why we always employ the professional, caring and adaptable services of NZone."

    Amy Calway
    Amy Calway Event Horizons
  • "NZone Security have been great to work with on my events. Grant is professional and friendly, with good insight around security needs and roles at an event. His team come to site with always with a friendly manner and attitude, they are also happy to jump in and help out where and when needed if a situation arises. I appreciate their more proactive approach to event security and handling of the public rather than being reactive and confrontational. I never have to worry when I have the NZone team onsite."

    Kaiya Irvine
    Kaiya Irvine Senior Event Organiser - Auckland Council